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Mission Statement










Cleanliness is an essential part of the pet boarding experience. Everyone understands that cleanliness is necessary to prevent the spread of disease and parasites but it is also important in maintaining your pet’s comfort levels. Most dogs do not like to soil their living space and many will go to great lengths to avoid this. At Second Home Pet Boarding your dog will be given full access to his/her own outside run. Also every dog will have exercise and play time in one of the grass play yards. Many dogs that are used to urinating and defecating on grass will not do so on cement so it is essential that they are provided with the opportunity to visit a grassy area several times per day. All cement areas and kennels will be cleaned with environmentally friendly cleaning products to protect your pets and our environment.


Affection is extremely important in making your pet's stay a pleasant one. It would be very unkind to take a dog that is used to being part of a family and then expect it to adjust to being alone at a kennel. Your pet will be treated to daily doses of affection at Second Home Pet Boarding. This may come while being groomed, during play times or just a quiet visit on a bench under a tree. Every effort will be made to be sure your pet does not feel alone or abandoned while staying with us.

Respect is essential in any relationship whether it be between our staff and your pet or our staff and our human clients. We must give respect in order to gain respect. We will respect your pet’s special needs and routines. We will also respect your wishes in regards to your pet’s food, treats, exercise, play times (with or without friends, toys etc). This is your pet and your opinion will be listened to and respected. You know your pet better than anyone else and the more information you can give us the better prepared we are to help your pet enjoy his/her time with us.


Exercise is a primary requirement for every pet, big or small, young or old. We will do our best to make sure your pet’s daily needs are met. This can be in a private or group setting, which ever is preferred. A played-out pet is a happy, healthy pet. Exercise is not only essential for your pet’s physical health but is also an important part of improving his/her mental health as well. We will keep them so busy they won’t have time to miss you.


Fun and games are the name of the game. We want your pet to enjoy coming to the kennel. Dogs can play ball, Frisbee, play on the climbers or the sand piles, chase and wrestle with friends, swim in the pond or whatever play time suits their individual needs. Your pet’s stay will be a fun vacation for him/her.


Understanding your pet is the most important job we have. Learning his/her needs and desires, feeding schedules, medications, etc. Understanding his/her mind set; for example – Is this a first time visit, will he/she be frightened, excited, aggressive, shy or is he/she eager to play and which playmate would be best suited? It is our job to help your pet to adjust to this new setting and to make the most of his/her stay. If your pet is afraid of the other dogs then he/she will be housed in an area that is quieter and where he will feel safer. Your pet’s needs will always be our top priority.


Love is my reason for opening this kennel. I love dogs, I have the privilege of living with 9 of them and each and everyone has a special place in my heart. I love meeting new dogs and gain a great deal from the lessons they teach. I am honoured to be trusted with your treasured family member and I will take the best care possible of him/her until your return.

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