Marty was my second Golden and quickly became Gusty's best pal and they remain that way even with the addition of new girls to the pack. Marty's ancestors come from Great Britain and Europe. Marty has since passed, but as all of you know Marty was an incredible dog. He excelled as a stud dog producing many litters for me and for others as well.  He was the most good natured stud dog I have ever known. He knew his job and he enjoyed performing it.  His coat was like silk and never matted, he was large boned with big feet and he acted like a giant teddy bear.  He was my loyal companion and I am certain would do anything for me.

He is the reason I fell in love with Goldens and I see so much of him in all the puppies, especially when they flop on their backs without a care in the world.


Thor is the son of Marty and Charlie who my son has kept and has inherited his father's position as stud dog. Thor is slightly smaller and leaner then his father, and tends to throw a very happy-go-lucky goofball attitude in his puppies. He is extremely playful, but will also spend hours napping by your feet. Thor will play with anyone and anything and give befuddled looks to anyone who doesn't love him back, because as a Golden he cannot understand emotions other then love. Thor has a tendency to carry around stuffed animals to show everyone and can't understand why not everyone grabs the other end to play tug-o-war when he growls at them. No promises on intelligence with his kids, but there's no doubt they will be as loving as they come. 


Smitty is my newest stud and he takes his job very serious. He thinks he's mister macho man, but in reality he's a big baby. Every time he tries to act tough he ends up just getting his face licked until he caves and starts playing instead. Smitty is a lap dog at heart and tends to climb up the chair and sprawl out on top of me. Smitty is from Ohio and brings new blood into the breeding program to make sure of no distant relations. Smitty is a big suck and manages to lose at play fights to his chihuahua friends on a regular basis. 


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