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As you can expect, some days can be quite muddy! While some owners may have means to clean their pets off at home and keep their vehicles from getting too dirty, we offer services to compensate for those that would like us to take care of it for them before they leave. We do offer all of these services for dogs that are not boarding or daycare as well.
Daycare/Boarding Discount


If your pet is already staying for daycare or boarding, the grooming service of your choice has a $10 discount. This discount applies only once. (if you were to get a rinse and nail clipping, it would cost $20 for both instead of $30, plus Daycare/Boarding charges).

$15 - A rinse is just that. A hop up onto our grooming table for a quick            rinse of dirt and sand.
Bath and Brush
$35 for Small Dogs
$45 for Medium Dogs
$55 for Large Dogs
A bath and brush includes a full-body brushing to remove loose fur and detangle, a shampoo with either our antibiotic shampoo, blueberry tearstain shampoo, natural flea and tick shampoo, or moisturizing cherry blossom shampoo, plus a condition to leave the fur luxuriously soft, and a quick blow off to remove excess water. Pets will air dry after that so if you would like them to go home dry please let us know ahead of time so we can leave adequate time. The price depends on the size of dog and how much fur it has/how difficult it is to brush and wash. It is up to our discretion which one your dog qualifies for.
$15 - We offer a nail clipping service.  We try and keep them as calm and as comfortable as possible. However if your dog does not like getting they're nails clipped we recommend going to a professional groomer. 
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