Charlie was already 2 years old when I purchased her from a woman in Peterborough.  She is a daughter of Dewmist Davenport a highly successful show dog. She fit in immediately though it quickly became obvious that she was unaccustomed to the freedom my dogs enjoy.  She wouldn't go near the water at first but now is an avid swimmer just like the rest of them.  She remains the most independent though and can often be seen following her nose in the wrong direction.  She has an extremely gentle and kind nature and sits quietly waiting for attention.  She is English style like Marty with a cream coloured coat and a sturdy body.  She has been a wonderful addition to our pack and whelped litters on April 4, 2009, January 13, 2010, April 28, 2011, September 14, 2012 and April 25, 2013.  Like Gusty she is retired now and is enjoying her years as a surrogate grandmother to all of the new babies.


Gusty was my first Golden Retriever.  She is an American style golden and although she doesn't have as impressive a pedigree as the rest of my dogs she is extremely intelligent, loyal, sensitive and loving.  

She has whelped 5 litters of puppies. Her first litter was born on June 10,  2008.  There were 10 puppies.  Her next three litters were also 10 puppies each and were born on March 29, 2009, Feb 9, 2010 and June 17, 2011.  Her final litter was born June 11th, 2012 and this time she had 11.  So she started with 10 on the 10th and finished with 11 on the 11th.  She never lost a puppy and was an exceptional mother.  She is retired now and enjoying her position as leader of the pack (next in line after me of course).


Lizzie, like Marty, was acquired from Liz O'Brien.  Her father came from Austria and her ancestry also includes dogs from Great Britain.  She is the smallest of my girls but still has the strong build and large bones that I look for in my breeding dogs.  Her coat gets darker every year and now she is a lovely reddish gold.  She is an incredible athlete and absolutely loves our daily walks on the trails.  She is extremely loving without being pushy and like all of my goldens loves everyone.  She has whelped litters on: June 3 2010, June 26 2011, February 16 2012 and April 22 2013, June 4 2014, June 17 2015. Lizzie is also retired, but doesn't act it when I take her for walks.

Queen E-Retired

Queen E is my baby.  She is a daughter of Lizzie and Duke. Duke is a son of Charlie and Marty so in Queen E I have the genetics of three of my dogs.  She is kind and loving, very gentle but independent like Charlie.  She is very athletic like her mother Lizzie and it is very difficult to maintain her weight because she just loves to run. She is thin but still has the large bone structure and strength I am looking for.  She is a typical golden and likes to carry things around and she is always smiling.  She had litter April 2 2014, November 20 2015, April 3 2017, April 6 2018.  Queen E is now retired.

Bee - Retired

I was looking for some new genetics to add to our pack and came across a gorgeous, large boned, stocky female. Bee has grown into a beautiful dog with the strong, stocky build that I love. I guess the best way to describe Bee is that she is a character. Incredibly playful, she loves everybody and everything and just assumes they feel the same about her.  She is not easily deterred and paid no attention when our Great Dane growled at her, she just licked his face again.  She likes to punch and always has something in her mouth (often someone's hand or arm).  She means no harm and hasn't got a mean bone in her body.  She is the one who will keep me laughing.  Be has had three litters on June 14 2015, Aug 16 2016 and April 5 2018.

Happy - Retired

Happy is very submissive but is also playful when it comes to other dogs. People visiting the kennel can usually find her right under their feet, laying on her back asking for pets. The exception is her big sister, Bee, whom she plays wrestle-mania with. Happy adores puppies whether they are hers or not and has never been happier then when I kept her daughter Smarty. Happy has had two litters of puppies on March 28 2017 and March 31 2018.


M'lady is a carbon copy of her mother Queen E. M'Lady and Smitty are attached at the hip and she spends lots of time beating him up. She's a great mother and very protective of puppies, even if they aren't hers. There were points where she wouldn't let Bee play with her daughter Honey, because M'Lady thought Bee was too rough. M'Lady is a very independent dog and unlike many of my dogs is actually happy to do her own thing from time to time. M'Lady gave birth to her first litter on January 20th 2019.


Smarty is the daughter of Happy and Thor. She is the sweetest dog you will ever meet, until you get her in a fence with a friend then she is a complete goofball. Smarty loves to play with other dogs and doesn't fully grasp the concept that other dogs don't always want to be her best friend. Smarty is extremely laid back and tends to introduce herself with a flop on her back. Smarty also thinks she's a lap dog and likes to cuddle up with me while I watch TV. Like her mother, Smarty is very mellow and caring. Smarty doesn't have any puppies yet as she's still a baby herself, but I look forward to seeing her as a mother and her babies. 


Honey is the daughter of Bee and Thor. She has a strong will and an obsession with people. Honey will always prioritize attention and adores humans. Honey likes to play with dogs, but will ignore a dog in a heartbeat to get your attention. She is always the first one to run over to new people and greet them with a toy in her mouth. Like her sister and father Honey doesn't comprehend that anyone or thing isn't there best friend. Honey is still just a baby herself so we will have to wait to see her puppies, but she's so sweet I'm sure she will make a fantastic mom.


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