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Boarding & Daycare


Boarding is for pets staying overnight. This can be for as little as one day or as long as necessary. Please notify us as soon as possible as kennels fill up fast. 

   First pet: $35.00/day

   All other pets: $25.00/day only if they share a kennel with their family member

                Pick ups must be before 12:00 noon or you will be                                charged for the extra day as it keeps the kennel from being                  used by someone else.

                Price is inclusive, there are no hidden fees for socializing,                       play times, treats etc.

*All prices DO NOT include HST


Daycare is for pets who need to burn some energy during the day playing with their friends. Have peace of mind knowing they're having fun while you're at work.

     First pet: $25.00/day (If your dog does not get along with other dogs and needs to be kept alone then the boarding fee of $30 applies instead because they require a dedicated space)

     All other pets $15.00/day

Daycare Subscription: $400/month unlimited daycare & Rinses + 50% off boarding.

 *All prices DO NOT include HST

PLEASE NOTE: Our daycare services rely on a deep trust with all of the daycare dogs, and we like to minimize possible risks. The first daycare day will be a temperament test by us. To qualify for daycare your dog(s) must be friendly and able to go out with the group without incidents. If your dog is not suitable for daycare we will inform you when you pick them up. They can still come for boarding even if it is not overnight, but for dogs that cannot get along with the daycare crew then a kennel must be reserved for them and therefore boarding rates apply.

The Ruff House

The Ruff House is a new addition to Second Home. It is an indoor play area with sand floor that allows pets to play even in the worst of weather. 
No more daycare dogs covered head to toe in mud as they can just play with their friends inside when the weather is bad. 

The Ruff House also has a security camera that allows me to crop out videos of hilarity throughout the day that I normally wouldn't be able to get with my camera. 

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