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About us

Best place ever to take your dogs! My rescue TWC is nervous with new people but Loves dogs, Cindy truly knows how to handle any dog and my dogs love spending time with her. I try to not let my emotions get in the way when I drop my dogs off to stay so they can all have a fun time playing and I just let cindy do what she does best and let my dogs , just be dogs. They are so happy and tired when we pick them up and when I ask if they were any trouble she just says that they were no trouble, they ate all of the meals and were extremely well behaved. I have taken them to other boarding kennels where they follow another trainers perspective on dog training and have been really disappointed with how they handled my dogs. Cindy just gets it and know exactly how to get any dog to bond with her.

Tracy Sexton


You don't have to worry about your dog at all if you board them here. The owner has a true calling and love for taking care of dogs. She makes sure each dog gets the exercise, attention, love and socialization that they need. Pictures of all the dogs are posted on this page pretty much every day so you see your pup while you're away. She has been known to go above and beyond what's required to be sure the animals in her care are well looked after and happy. An awesome place for when you just can't take your dog with you. Thanks for all you do, Cindy!

Wendy Remington Jagiello


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